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will2018 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

export to pdf

How do I export full report in Export To Pdf from PowerBI Desktop

I have a Matrix with say 200 rows, 50 can fit on screen and I can scroll up or down to see all the rows

When I export to pdf, it looks as if it is only exporting the 50 rows that are visible on the screen

This is of no use as full report cannot be seen

How do I set up the Export To Pdf so it always export all the rows


Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: export to pdf

Hi @will2018

As tested, the 'export to pdf' option is currently just like taking a screen capture of each report.

To export all rows of the matrix, it is poosible to use "export to excel" for the matrix visual, but it is limited for Export Data feature is used for exporting data without keeping visual format in .CSV file currently.

Here is an idea you could vote for it to improve this feature.

Export to PDF needs to include all rows in a Table or Matrix visualization


Best Regards


will2018 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: export to pdf

Thanks Maggie for your reply

Is there any tool (3rd prty or otherwise) where I can export visualisations to Csv or Excel

The options provided as standard are so poor that they proabably should not be included

Export to Pdf.....seems its just a screen dump...should be renamed Screen Dump

Export to Csv is limited by no. of rows or size..should be renamed Very Limited Export to Csv


Is there any other way at all of eporting visualisations in the free version of Power Bi Desktop ?