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Saidihn New Member
New Member

dynamic url filter

I recently built a report utilizing the Drillthrough feature for a "Details" page, which is outstanding, but now I have other high level stakeholder reports that want to Drillthrough to the same page in my original report, so I keep renaming/saving the origin report and keeping the Drillthrough "Details" page then creating a different report around it (sure there's a better way, but I'm still learning, so no big). So, I thought about using URL links to create a dynamic filter linking to a completely separate "Details" report that multiple reports can link to. The conditional column and linking worked, but the filtering did not. I've re-scratched a few times and took a few day breather to contemplate, but still no filtering.

At first I was using the URL of the Drillthrough “Details” page from the original report (test version), but only the first row project information would show. Then I created a completely separate test report (just the Details" page) with no Drillthrough features, now ALL the projects try to show, depending on the visualization. I feel like I'm missing something super simple. Any ideas?


This is my custom column formula template:


https://reportURL?filter=TableName/ColumnName eq '"&TableName[ColumnName]&"'


There are no syntax errors detected with the actual column formula, either.

v-xjiin-msft Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: dynamic url filter

Hi @Saidihn,


=>At first I was using the URL of the Drillthrough "Details" page from the original report (test version), but only the first row project information would show.


In your scenario, the original report is containing Main page and Details page and you have made Drillthrough in Main page to drill through to Details page. So now, you are using the URL with filters inside to open the Details page directly. However, it only displays one row in the report. Right?


If I misunderstand your issue, please feel free to correct me. First I have made a simple test like below, and everything works fine. Please refer:


Main and Details page:






Then use URL to open Details page: " https://reporturl?filter=Table2/Item eq 'A' "




Since as you said that it only returns one row. Please verify that if you have selected any filters in Drillthrough filters before you publish your report to Power BI Service.


And if it is possible, please share us your original pbix file with One Drive or Google Drive or some screenshots about your situation.


Xi Jin.


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