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dyamic axis implementation - help needed

hi team i am in the process of implementing dynamic axis change with the help of sclier chichlet . My scenerio is in below manner :


i have factsales with 60 million reocords and i have the granularity in below way :


prodctname customername date sales


a   aasd  10/22/2018   500

b  add    10/21/2018   400

b  add    10/21/2018   300

c   addd  10/19/2018   200


i created the index and selected the columns that are required and unpivoted it  where now i have like 60milllion *3 times . can you let me know if there is any option do it  without unpivoting it?


since i need the directionraltionship with the above table i need the index that i am creating in power bi . So should i create the index in database and then proceed .currently i have many to one realtioship with above table and unpivot table .  . I have taken this video for base for my example


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Re: dyamic axis implementation - help needed



can you please create some sample data (original and unpivoted) and upload this data to onedrive or dropbox.




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Re: dyamic axis implementation - help needed

 hi @TomMartens


This is the sample data with 10 rows . I have the fact with dimension values (i created the tab like dimvalues) .


So i need the measures to be sliced with feedyard,rationname and sex .



steps i followed:


created the index for fact in power bi. (fact table daily load from SQL)

copied the table with 3 selected columns and unpivoted it .

this made me to have the relationship with the fact and unpivoted table .




1) If i dont have the index in source and if my data refreshes on daily basis . index can be added at power bi?.

2) The table of unpivoted i created for one time which may not be correct right . If the values in fact table adds up new y unpivoted table should also chnage accordingly .right?.how this can be achived for prod.


your help is highly appreciated . Let me know like condiations if need to have key in fact at SQLDW (etc., for better modelling)