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New Member

Re: donut chart don't show all labels

Has this issue been resolved? I have a simple donut chart and the labels always drop off at least one category. Frustrating to have such an amazing dashboard and then something like this happens making you look like a total rookie.  Thanks!

GuySev Advocate I
Advocate I

Re: donut chart don't show all labels

Joining @Anita75 's frustration. I can't seem to figure out the reason for this. I tried playing with the size of the chart, but still at least one category is dropped from the labels.

anandav Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Re: donut chart don't show all labels

Hi @Vicky_Song,

As you have mentioned I can understand the category label and value not shown when the value is too small. But is there any logic that is followed? e.g. the smallest values are not show.

Because I cannot figure out why sometimes labels for the smaller values are shown and labels for larger values are not shown.

e.g. in the below charts example Chart 1 all values are shown. Chart 2 I have added Germany. But the label for Columbia (2.13%) is not shown but smaller value Angola (0.92%) is shown.



vgarlap Helper V
Helper V

Re: donut chart don't show all labels

@Vicky_Song  Is there a solution to this existing problem ? You have confirmed in earlier posts that if the values are small , those are not shown in Pie or Donut charts. Do we have any fix for this ?


Lot of users have already complained about it . Does PBI product team is planning something on this ?





Frequent Visitor

Re: donut chart don't show all labels

Hi together, the problem is not solved yet (2020). Is there still no solution?

Why doesn't the ability to set overlapping labels work at this point?

How can this problem be moved to a developer?

Kind regards,


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