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Helper I

columns based on measure

I created a measure that compares values ​​of another measure. I need to create a column with the same values ​​as the measure and I'm stuck. 


Measure 1

.Variação % por Flight = 
IF(CALCULATE([.CPA];fDados[.Flight Referência] = "2017.1");DIVIDE([.CPA 2017.1]-[.CPA 2016.1];[.CPA 2016.1]);
IF(CALCULATE([.CPA];fDados[.Flight Referência] = "2016.2");DIVIDE([.CPA 2016.2]-[.CPA 2015.2];[.CPA 2015.2]);
IF(CALCULATE([.CPA];fDados[.Flight Referência] = "2016.1");DIVIDE([.CPA 2016.1]-[.CPA 2015.1];[.CPA 2015.1]);
IF(CALCULATE([.CPA];fDados[.Flight Referência] = "2017");DIVIDE([.CPA 2017]-[.CPA 2016];[.CPA 2016]);
IF(CALCULATE([.CPA];fDados[.Flight Referência] = "2016");DIVIDE([.CPA 2016]-[.CPA 2015];[.CPA 2015]);


Measure 2

.Compara = IF([.Variação % por Flight] = 0;"Sem Comparativo";IF([.Variação % por Flight] < 0,1;"Melhor";IF([.Variação % por Flight];"Pior";"Igual")))


.Compara Coluna 22 = SWITCH(TRUE();fDados[.Compara] = "Sem Comparativo"; "Sem Comparativo"; fDados[.Compara] = "Melhor"; "Melhor"; fDados[.Compara] = "Igual";"Igual";"Pior")

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Can you help?

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar




The problem is the cal column based on measure so it will give only the last value.


 let me know 


ÿour measure .Variação % por Flight  is realted to same table or relative table ?

Hi @Baskar


ÿour measure .Variação % por Flight  is realted to same table or relative table ?


same table. 


ty eduardo




Hi @eduardo,

Thank you for detail description, but I type your measure, it is not recognized based on your data, could you please describe your requriement, and what's mean of  measure, so that I can program column using DAX.

Best Regards,


hello and happy new year.

I give up and changed all project. Ty by your interest


best regards

Hi @eduardo,

Got it. Have a nice day.

Best Regards,


Hi @eduardo,

Based on your description, I don't reproduce your sceanrio, could you please share more details and sample data for further analysis?

In your "Compara" coumn, the TRUE() function always return ture, so all the values in column are "Sem Comparative". Please modify it as follows and check if it works fine.

.Compara Coluna 22 = SWITCH(fDados[.Compara]; "Sem Comparativo"; "Sem Comparativo";  "Melhor"; "Melhor"; "Igual";"Igual";"Pior")

Best Regards,

Ty for response @v-huizhn-msft


I'm trying to create a visual (array or table) with values that calculate in measure.


The table does not accept measured as rows and so I need to transform the values into columns. I've tried several alternatives and I did not get the expected result. 😞


The question is: how do I transform measures into columns?


Column = [Measure] does not work


I put a template of the data here.  Can you help me?





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