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dedelman_clng New Contributor
New Contributor

column charts - angled labels

Aug 2018 version. 


I have two almost identical column charts.  The only difference is the value (a measure, hopefully immaterial) and the number of categories on the X-axis (6 vs 5).


As seen in the picture below, on the viz with 6 categories (left), the labels are automatically angled at the current width of the viz (435 pixels).  However, for the viz with 5 categories (right), I have to shrink the width to almost *half* (227 pixels) to get the labels to angle.


Is this the correct behavior? Am I missing a setting somewhere? (I am using a visual level filter to restrict the two charts to 6 and 5 categories)





Thanks in advance,


ChrisHaas Established Member
Established Member

Re: column charts - angled labels

Not sure what is going on here, but maybe check and see if "Responsive Visual" is selected.


Due to how long your axis labels are, I highly recommend using a horizonta BAR chart instead of a vertical COLUMN chart.  This will let the labels remain horizontal, which is much easier for users to read.  Studies have shown that angled text is read at least 15-20% slower.


You can set the max width of the labels so that you can read the entire label.

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