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ARB17 Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: chiclet slicer 1.3 not working



I have updated both PBI to March and the Cliclet Slicer to its last version and it is not working properly.


I use for filtering Years and Months, and I have the filters preselected to 2018 and March, and when I change either the Year or the Month, the first click does nothing and it works correctly after that, but not the first one.


Also, if the Chiclet slicer visuals charge the last ones, it shows selected 2018 and March but the data shown is the total of all years and all months.


Any suggestiosn?



Raphael_H Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: chiclet slicer 1.3 not working

Same with us here: The Chiclet Slicer doesn't work on a running total quick measure. The Chiclet cumulates from the start of the full data set, whereas the Date Slicer filters the data properly before doing the calculation.

(Power BI Desktop, Version March 2018)