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rohitr Visitor

cannot share dashboard to external organization

Hi Power BI team,

I cannot share my dashboard with our clients in external organizations (the 'Share' button greys out as soon as I type an external email address).


I have gone through a number of articles around this subject and found this link - that may contain an explanation to my issue.


My question is that it is highly unlikely that the global administrator turns ON external sharing on the tenant, as it may introduce a risk for other projects (maybe other projects don't want to expose their dashboards to external domains).


Can Power BI PRO solve my issue? Can I create a separate account for my project and become the admin, share dashboards with external organizations?


Thanks in advance



stretcharm Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: cannot share dashboard to external organization

You can only share if both you and the external company has a pro licence.  However you can give them one of your licences.


This doc explains how and worked for me.

I created an app workspace and shared with an external email user. They were able to see the dashboard when they started the trial.

I believe reports have been added to the sharing b2b features now.


I'm not sure about the admin settings as I don't have access to these.

Power BI Team lukaszp
Power BI Team

Re: cannot share dashboard to external organization

In addition to what @stretcharm said, if the app workspace is in a Power BI Premium capacity, then you can share with an external b2b user even if the recipient does not have a Pro license.