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DavidMoss Member

append connection only queries

About Appending 'connection only' queries in Power Query (PQ) and PowerBIDesktop (PBI).


As good practice when making the similar query to mutiple similar tables (think : same DB sales ledger table for multiple branch companies and trying to consolidate into 1 big 'group' table) I wouldn't load each branch query into the data model i'd prefer to use the Query as a staging step and make it a "Connecction ONLY". I'd then want to create a 1 singe 'group' query that appends all the branch queries together with the result of ONLY loading 1 'group' table into the data model.


In Excel Power Query one can create a new query as an append query and succesfully achieve the above.

In PBI desktop  it is not possible to create a new append query and append connection only queries. (correctly as the name suggests append would imply that a query already exists).


If that is clear....Has anyone got a work around for this. ?

Pls don't reply.... duplicate the first query then append all the others to the first. Yes this is my current workabout to the issue, just i was hoping there wouldbe the means to generate a new append query in PBI to append many connection only queries.


greggyb New Contributor
New Contributor

Re: append connection only queries

I used steps recorder to capture everything I did to do this.


Add your sources, mark as do not load, enter data for a new query inputting only the headers. Merge the other queries into the new one that has only headers.


Here's the steps recorder archive. It wasn't capturing images for the first few steps for some reason.


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