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vmadadi Visitor

YTD measure not working in row based format

Hi Everyone,


I have a requirement in ssas tabular where I need to convert measures in to row based format. I was using following syntax to convert to row based

SELECTCOLUMNS(Fact_Maint_Score_Card,"Date ID",[Date Id], "Site ID",[Site Id],"Measure","NPT YTD","Measure Value",'Calculations'[NPT YTD])

All other measures are working fine when converted to row based which does not involve YTD. The only problem is with YTD Measure.


My result should be like this


But this is What Iam getting when I am converting it to row basedRow based measure.PNG

I have tried to calculate YTD using following methods.

NPT YTD:=CALCULATE(SUMX(Fact_Maint_Score_Card,[NPT]),DATESYTD('Dim_Date'[Date Val]))

NPT YTD:=TOTALYTD(SUM([NPT]),'Dim_Date'[Date Val])


Any help would be appreciated

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Super User

Re: YTD measure not working in row based format

See if my Time Intelligence the Hard Way provides a different way of accomplishing what you are going for.

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