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Working with totals

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Hi all, new here and stuck at a situation where I cant figure out how to solve it.

I have a table with the following values, as you would see, the total is 1269. I have created another mesure called "3.1 Total of all status" to calculate the total irrespective of my filter to choose between cheap, same or expensive. So if I choose only cheap, the total in the table will ofcourse show 1026 and my measure would be 1269.

Now the problem is that, if I EXCLUDE cheap and only select same and expensive, my measure shows the total as 1266 which is incorrect, as it should be 1269 irrespective of the filter. Basically its excluding the cheap for MacKay as there are no other values for it from the grand total which I dont want it to do.


Here is an example:


No filters selected.



Measure 3.1 below works fine as it shows 1269 even when if I only choose cheap and same which is correct



But now when I choose expensive and same, my measure shows the value as 1266 which is not correct as its also exluding the 3 cheap for MacKay from the total. 




Please can someone assist? Apologies if i have confused you all!

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Re: Working with totals

Hi @daxing


Can you please share the pbix file so that people can try to find out what the issue is? It's a bit hard without seeing the code for your measures for instance

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Re: Working with totals

Sure, I will do so as soon as I get back from work. Thanks
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Re: Working with totals

Hi @daxing,


Please use ALL in the formula of "3.1 Total of all status". For more advice, please post the DAX formula you used for 3.1 Total of all status. And it would be better you could share the sample .pbix file for check.



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