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Wordcloud with drill down for textual analysis

Hello all, 


Is there any way to create a word-cloud where the user can drill down by clicking on a word? 


My data is in a format like below.  


 Wordsword 1word 2word 3word 4word 5
word 1xxxxxxxxxx
word 2xxxxxxxxxx
word 3xxxxxxxxxx
word 4xxxxxxxxxx
word 5xxxxxxxxxx


I want to create a word-cloud visualization where I present all the words (the size is the count that I get from a different table) but when the user clicks for example on word 1 to display all the words based on the value that they have for word 1. 


thanks in advance, 

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Re: Wordcloud with drill down for textual analysis

You cannot currently drilldown on a Wordcloud custom visual, but you could setup a second wordcloud at the lower level. Clicking on the first cloud would filter down the results on the second.