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What's a good google analytics alternative for collecting data on web traffic?

I'm looking for a common way that Microsoft website developers track traffic activity in a C# .NET website application so I can vizualize user activity just like google analytics does. I can't use google analytics for legal/regulations reasons.


My managers want to look at things like traffic trends, user sessions, unique visitors, churn rate, blah, blah, blah. They want to drill down and see what pages people are looking at. And then a bunch of custom stuff that pertains to our proprietary content architecture.


We have been using Splunk to index log data that we coded our application to store in a SQL database. Much better than crawling IIS logs. I have the luxury of logging details and contexts that IIS cannot or does not know about.


So basically I'm looking for a logging model that others have followed for website analytics so we can get started with something and then add our custom requirements.



Microsoft Eric_Zhang

Re: What's a good google analytics alternative for collecting data on web traffic?


This is the forum dedicated for Power BI developing stuff, so I'm afraid that your question is out of the topic.


As to your question, you can see the wiki List of web analytics software. You could also find more useful information of the difference comparison between Google analytics and other tools. For better response, I'd suggest you post your question at stackoverflow, as there're more experienced developers and you'd get more proper repsonse there.

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Re: What's a good google analytics alternative for collecting data on web traffic?

I want to develop my solution in Power BI so I think this is an appropriate forum. I'm wondering if others have done the same with Power BI.


As I stated in my original post I cannot use any of those tools like Google analytics because my industry heavily regulates where data can remain at rest. Fortunately Azure allows me to to control where data resides in a regulation compliant way. And Power BI has the capability to provide the data vizualization. 


Webiste traffic vizulation is such a common problem, someone must have experience with creating a Power BI solution for this. If so, what are examples of the measures you created that satisfied your requirements? What challanges did you face and how did you overcome them.




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