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NickBarnes Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

What on earth is going on with this system????

On PowerBI Desktop there is a smiley face with the title 'Send Feedback'. So when I found something I thought wasn't working like it should I felt this was somewhere to go to share the problem. Nope. I come to a page with 'Ideas'. This isn't an idea - I have a problem, a bug to report. All I want to do is let the engineers know they may have missed something. Why make it so hard and confusing. Is this something to do with developers being deliberately dark and mysterious?


If I click 'Get Data' then use the Azure SQL Databse connection, I can add connection details. We have a server with two sets of credentials. One  is read only, one is Admin. I tried using the read only and it wouldn't connect, so I went to try the Admin one. Only you cant. The system appears to cache the settings and try and re-use them. There is no opportunity to change what credentials you want to use. This seems daft, as you may be using one from another Azure database in error. Do I really have to close everything down and start again?

v-haibl-msft Super Contributor
Super Contributor

Re: What on earth is going on with this system????



You can edit or clear the credential in File - Options and settings - Data source settings as below.



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