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osinquinvdm Regular Visitor
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What are the usual cause of memories issues?

For the past 2 days I have been unable to display most visualizations and got an "not enough memory " error message instead.

Sure I have only 8 Gb RAM on this laptop and I have introduced cumulative measures that I suspect to be pretty computation intensive. But:

  • PBI was working like a charm for the past 2 months on that project
  • 2 days ago the visualizations involving the cumulative measures did work (although kind of slow to render)
  • it's crashing on simple visaulizations too (things like simple conditional counts that have nothing to do with the cumulative measures )
  • it's crashing in the cloud too (what's the memory limit there?).

The only other recent change I can think of is making my measure cleaner and easier to read by nesting them.
For example
Nb Actual Requests= CALCULATE([Nb Requests];FILTER('311_Details';'311_Details'[Nature]<>"Information"))
Nb Requests= CALCULATE(COUNT('311_Details'[RequestID]);USERELATIONSHIP('311_Details'[Creation Date];AllDates[Date]))


  • Is there a known impact of using such measure nesting?
  • Is there a known impact of using USERELATIONSHIP()?

What are the usual cause of memories issues?

Moderator v-sihou-msft

Re: What are the usual cause of memories issues?



I never encountered this "out of memory" issue and crash. If you can't get any valuable information from trace log, I suggest you create a support ticket to deep analysis on the memory issue of your .pbix.




RMDNA Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: What are the usual cause of memories issues?

I would think the usual cause would be just that - you're running out of memory. Why exactly Power BI doesn't like particular measures or tables or finds certain calculations intensive, I don't know, but whatever the reason, I would just address the what the error calls out - add more memory.


I ran into the same issue on my current project - using a particular calcuation from a particular table caused the report to choke and kill all my visuals. The error is too general to hunt for a specific reason, so I chose to bypass the issue and just upped my laptop memory from 4GB to 20GB. Not an elegant or necssarily cost-effective solution (though memory is really cheap), but Power BI doesn't complain anymore.

osinquinvdm Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: What are the usual cause of memories issues?

Thanks @RMDNA for sharing your experience. This is actually the first solution that came to my mind. Unfortunately my main concern is that the dashboard is going to be consumed in the cloud and my tests show that I am having the same behaviour.

As long as I'm looking at a very small date window, it is slow but it work. As soon as I expand the date range it spins forever then says it can't display the viz. @v-sihou-msft, do we have any control on the amount of RAM available for our project in the cloud?