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Welcome to the forum!

Hello to tod@s!

My name is Miguel Escobar. A little over 1 year ago I started a forum through my company(Powered Solutions)focused mainly on topics related to Power BI, Power Query and PowerPivot totally in Spanish.

Yes! Just like you read it. A totally free forum for the entire Spanish-speaking community where we helped each other as a community by answering daily inquiries of any kind of complexity level.

All this effort arose because there was no free public community or forum for Power BI-related topics, nor was there much content published in Spanish for these topics compared to what exists in English.

We understood very well the impact of having an active community and content created in Spanish for a tool like Power BI / Power Query / PowerPivot and that's why we take reins on the issue to have a positive impact on Spanish-speaking users looking for such communities and content.

Thus, at the end of 2018 our campaign for the Spanish-speaking community emerged internationally where the forum was one of the main contributions.

Just during all this time the forum was active, I was always in touch with the Microsoft team so they could monitor the impact that the forum we had created. I hope the forum has served you as a sample of what an official Power BI forum could be in Spanish.

An ordinary day comes to me excellent news – the Microsoft team has a new system that can be implemented on the official Power BI forum/community (which was only in English) to be able to make syndicated content or, to put it another way, have a forum/community entirely in Spanish that could then be translated into English and the content in English could be translated into Spanish through this content syndicate system.

For the past few weeks I have been in conversations with the Microsoft team to test this system and just today this new forum/community and system have been released. You're just reading this new post from the new official Microsoft Power BI forum in Spanish 😊

This was always my goal. That the forum/community was under Microsoft's domain and is known as the official one for Power BI and I think this syndication system is the right one.

This post is simply a small personal blog that I wanted to share with everyone to give them a little more context about how we got to where we are right now.

Because of this great new effort by the Microsoft team, and to merge communities that don't compete with each other, I've decided to unsubscribe from the Powered Solutions forum to give way to this new forum in Spanish.

I want to thank all the people who registered and participated in the Spanish-based Powered Solutions forum and I hope to register and become active members of this new site.

Here are some general forum statistics in the time it was active:

  • 700 registered members
  • 500 themes created
  • 2K posts posted
  • 57 connected members at the same time was our most connected!

Again, thank you to all those who supported us throughout this time and to new members for being part of this great global Spanish Community of Power BI.

-Miguel Escobar

Regular Visitor

Thank you so much. Thank you for such timely help in doing this forum

Regular Visitor

Why when I change sheets and return to the previous sheet the slicers change shape? doesn't hold

Regular Visitor

how to do so that the description of the function dax appears in Spanishcomo cambiar a español.png

New Member

@miguel excellent value delivered to the community, it is important to optimize the times today and this you have done will allow it. Thank you very much for your management.

Hello everyone

I'm doing a report. and I don't know if I'm looking at the Histogram graph. when filtering using a slicer the result is only a data not reflected in the graph does not output the color column, it only exits when it is 2 or more data. that's normal in this kind of graph? and I don't know why I get repeated the frequency scale and it's small numbers. below the images. if you can help me I'd thank you very much


Thank you


I have a table, where I get in one column the username another column the data of a button and another column the dates that I use that button. repeats users many times.

I need to get from each user the button I use on the last date.

I created a column where it tells me the last date of each client but I don't know how to put that value of the button on that last date

They could help me.


last ? CALCULATE(MAX(table1[date]),FILTER(table1,[user]-EARLIER([user])))

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