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Gdps Regular Visitor
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Waterfall chart

Hello all,

I started working with pbi this week, and I have a question regarding the waterfall graph.


I have a table with a "name" column. Each name has an initial value, an ending value, and the difference between these two values. These values change every month (the example is with January and February). When the difference is negative, it is something good because it is a saving. When the difference is positive, it's a bad thing because it's an extra expense.


Is it possible to make a waterfall graph that shows: Initial Value, Difference, Final Value by "name"? And that I can filter by month.


The literature on how to do this, if possible, would help a lot.


Thanks in advance



Vigneswaran Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Waterfall chart

Hi ,


The limitation and actual application for Waterfall is to visualize the running total ( Sum or Difference ) which is affected by series of positive and negative changes. Visualizing the waterfall chart with 1+ measure is not feasible. 
U can show only one measure in chart ( Put the initial and final values in tooltip graph ).

Gdps Regular Visitor
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Re: Waterfall chart

Fact, everywhere I researched, they said the same thing: Visualizing the waterfall chart with 1+ measure is not feasible


Digging over the internet I found a tutorial using R to create this type of chart. But I need more time to test this alternative....


But thanks anyway @Vigneswaran The tooltip was a great idea to "solve" my problem