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Waterfall Chart - Comparison Column & Customized Drilldown

Hello Power BI community,


I have 2 questions regarding Waterfall chart in Power BI Desktop.


1. Is it possible to add a column to the waterfall chart that is not included in the Total calculation and I can use for comparison? Allow me to further explain - attached hereto is a screenshot of a sample of my team's revenue this year, categorized by different stages of the pipeline and a Total column. What I want to do is to add to the right of the Total column 

2 additional columns - one that shows my target and one that shows the gap. How do I do that?


2. Is it possible to perform a breakdown to only one of the fields? For example, in the attached screenshot, I want to be able to see the breakdown to segments ONLY for the Committed field. Can I do that?


* It is important to mention that all the fields are calculated measures, meaning I needed to create a seperate table and group them all under one measure to be able to create the waterfall chart (as seen in this thread:


Thank you very much!





Power BI Community Screenshot 2.png




Community Support
Community Support

Hi @nirduek ,

So far, the waterfall diagram may not achieve what you need, maybe others have other better suggestions.


Best regards,
Community Support Team_ Binbin Yu

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