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I have the same report for different portfolios. I download the data for the individual portfolio using a portfolio ID as a parameter in a SQL query and use this data in various visuals. I would like to rename the data column to that of the portfolio id (which I know how to do based on this), but as this video shows, any preset visuals will fail as the visual does not recognise the "new" column name that is based on the parameter. Is there a way of overcoming this issue?


My suggestion would be to allow a formula in the "Rename for this visual" to govern what shows in the visual legend, which is not currently possible. Any other ideas of how to display a parameter value in a visual without having to reselect columns every time or to "Rename for this visual" every time? So for example, in the chart below, I want to show the portfolio id instead of "Portfolio" where portfolio id depends on a parameter.




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Resolver I

Hi @Newby ,


According to your statement, I think you want to show selected portfolios id dynamiclly in Power BI Legend.

As far as I know, Power BI doesn't support us to add measure into Legend field or let column header be dynamic.

So I suggest you to add ids in legend directly.

For reference: Get started formatting Power BI visualizations - Power BI | Microsoft Docs


Best Regards.

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