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Visual has exceeded available resources

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I am receiving this error on both Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service(More often on Power BI Service).




The visual in question does use about 10 measure and I think this is one of the reasons I am getting this error.


To resolve this

-I tried to aggregate the data at the SQL server database side and pulled the aggregated data into power bi.

-Restricted the measure calculations to only a year.


Let me know what else can I do to resolve this error?

The sizes of 2 tables I am using are about 65k rows and 8 coulmns.

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Re: Visual has exceeded available resources

Hi @kdesai

the issue occurs when a visual has attempted to query too much data for the server to complete the result with the available resources. 

As suggested in the error, you may need to try filtering the visual to reduce the amount of data in the result currently.


each visual on your dashboard cannot exceed 16MBs .

Try removing some details, reduce the number of dimensions and measures within the visuals that are failing. 


For building fast and reliable reports in Power BI. Please refer to “Power BI Performance Best Practices “


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