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electrobrit Member

Various Number Tiles and % change

I'm on my first project in Power BI so excuse me if this is simple.

If I have a status column and want to show  large number tiles with a count of those status values. How do I do that? I can get total status count but can't figure out the solution to show the actual individual status values


Status values in one column are: Open, Resolved, Closed and Pending


I want to show large number tiles with specific call-outs:

Count of Open Tickets

Count of Resolved Tickets

Count of Closed Tickets


I have a date column and would also like to show % change (determined by slicer)

An example similar to what I am working on is below.








thank you in advance. Your help is so appreciated!

Super User
Super User

Re: Various Number Tiles and % change

simplistically, first write a measure for each of these status items.  It will be like this


Count of Open Tickets = CALCULATE(countrows(table),table[Status]="Open")


Put each of these measures on a "Card"


But the real answer really depends on your data.  you say you want % change, but how is this information visible in your source data?  To do a % change, it suggests that you have snapshots of your data at different points in time. To provide you with a more detailed answer, you would need to provide information about your tables and data structure - preferable a sample workbook.

* Matt is a Microsoft MVP (Power BI) and author of the Power BI Book Supercharge Power BI.
SwaroopRoyM Regular Visitor
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Re: Various Number Tiles and % change


If I understand you correctly, you want to display the Value with the label as "Count of Open Tickets" etc.. and you also want to show the % increase/decrease along with it.


For this you can use "Multi level" card visual, to get the label customized you can create a duplicate column of the value you want to show and rename the column as you need it in the label.


For the %, you can do the calculation in the backend or in Power BI if possible as a separate column/measure and use it for display purpose.


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