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Using the ‘Me’ function

The scenario: Our Finance group has multiple projects underway this year that they want to manage from one SharePoint list. Within SharePoint we have built a page, called ‘Project Manager Dashboard’. Projects managers can open the page and view projects that they are responsible for managing, using the ‘Me’ function (‘Project Manager’ = [Me]). Using this robust model removes the need to create a new project manager page for each PM. If staff don’t have projects assigned to them they won’t see anything in the dashboard.

The problem: We would like to integrate the Power BI visuals into ‘Project Manager Dashboard’. The problem is that we’ve only found a way to integrate visuals that cover a broad range (i.e. for everyone’s projects). We would like to avoid building seperate visuals or pages for each PM, or having the PM’s resort to adjusting the visual filter every time they log in so that they view only their projects. Our goal is to use something similar to the ‘Me’ function in DAX so that PMs see projects and related visuals that are relevant to them (‘Project Manager’ = [Me]. Can you help us Power BI Community?
Helper III
Helper III

I believe , below is your exact requirement.

 - You have role named "Project Manager"

- You have different Project manager like "A","B","C".

Now, if PM "A" logins then they can see only their data in visuals.

If PM "B" logins they can view only their data.


If I my understanding is correct - 

1. You can use a concept of Row level security in Power BI.

2. Create role in PBI.

3. Apply condition on data model.


Yes, exactly. But it’s also be important that when they log into SharePoint they would only see visuals applicable to their projects. Would you be able to attach a few screenshots in how to do this, as I’m unfamiliar with those options in Power Bi. Thanks for your help, @Dhruvin!


If your SharePoint Office 365 login and Power BI login will same , then it will be managed automatically by Row level security.

Ex: If user login with SP using "" and PBI using the same "" , 

But the visuals for every PM will be same. Data filled in those visuals will be different.


Suppose, I have barchart and column chart in my PBI report.

Now, If PM "A" login in PBI he can view "barchart" and "column chart" with their assigned project data.

Same for PM "B".If PM "B" login they can view barchart and column chart with their assigned project data.


Refer below URL: 

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