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Using multiple bookmark buttons in a report



I'm building a report that presents data for a company with multiple sites. The first page of the report contains a filter of various slicers where users can select their site and then further select what they want to see based on product codes, machines, etc. I also have built in book marks so people can quickly select their site.


We then have a page that uses two bookmark buttons where people can select if they want to see the data for the previous three days or it gives them adjustable slicers so they can pick a custom range of dates. I know the issue of doing this is the two buttons on this page overwrite the slicers from the first page so users will have to go back and re-select their plant. Is there a way around this or do I need to separate it into one page for the previous three days and then an adjustable date page.



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You have to disable data in your bookmark.


Right click the bookmark and uncheck Data. 


Also, sync the slicers in those pages.


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Thanks, this looks good. I also left out that when the 3 day view is active, the date slicers are set to be "Relative" and hidden and then they appear and become "Between" after clicking the Adjustable button. Is this just the price to pay to be able to use this method?

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I can't follow you. Do you mind share a screenshot?


Basically you have to set everything and update the bookmark and save. Maybe you might have updated the bookmark with different settings?


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Sure thing, probably didn't explain it the best.

So the default view is with the 3 Day button/bookmark active:

3 Day Buttons.png

Here the slicers are set to relative to capture the last three days of data (but usually hidden so no one messes with them).


And the adjustable view which makes the slicers visible and turns them to the "between" option so users can select a specific date range they want to see:

Adjustable Buttons.png

When I chose not to update data on the book mark, the adjustable button still makes the slicers appear but they stay as relative date slicers.



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The sync slicers option will sync the dates in 3 day/ adjustable view bookmarks.


If you are not using selected visuals option in bookmark, you should be able to view build the page as you need. 


I sent a private message about this. Please check.

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