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Helper I

Using a Multiple filters and a Measure as the Source and Destinations for a Sankey Visual

I have data that looks simplified looks something like this 


PersonID Year Report Score Level
123 20192020 1M 65 L2
134 20192020 1M 55 L1
123 20192020 1M 67 L2
145 20192020 1M 95 L4
123 20202021 1M 75 L3
134 20202021 1M 55 L1
134 20202021 1M 45 R
145 20202021 1M 78 L3


Sankey MockupSankey Mockup

I'd like to produce a Sankey Chart that looks something like above.  


The best I can do is something like this:  



I've tried every combination of source, destination, label, etc. without success.  


I then tried to create to measures so that I could filter out the year and use one measure for the Destination and another for the Destination Labels.


#Average 20192020 =
        AVERAGE('Table '[Score]),
            IN { "20192020" }




#Average 20202021 =
        AVERAGE('Table '[Score]),
            IN { "20202021" }


I can pull these measures into a table and use them, but they will not drag into any of the Sankey fields.

I'm obviously missing something.  I would like to do this in DAX without going to data tables. 


Thoughts on how to proceed?   Curious ?




Super User III
Super User III

@SO  What is the context of this data? What is it you want to communicate? 


I don't fully understand, but have tried pivoting your data so that you have one column for source and one column for destination, I'm just not sure what to use for the values in these columns (I used Level and set to don't aggregate), but not every person ID has data for both years... 


See file attached below signature.

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I work as a trainer and consultant for Microsoft 365, specialising in Power BI and Power Query.

Thanks very much Allison.

Each person has 6 scores for each reporting period and there are 6 reporting periods a year and there are 100K entrys per report. Pivoting the table is not an option for me so I was trying to find a way to use a measure to sort this out. We also use AnalysisServices.

You asked a great question, what am I trying to show? I'm trying to find people that have moved from one level to another over time. It appears that most remain at the same level, but some move up, and others down. I'd really like to have the pattern continue over several reports or years, but one step at a time. :-).

Thanks for attempt and much appreciated. I was able to generate my 'ideal' image by creating a small data set and doing what you did. Very intensive to do for each reporting period. Any more thoughts or ideas? I've watched many videos and read many forums and tried many measure codes, but I cannot get it to work for me.

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