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Use cases for connecting TM1 to Power BI

Hi all,


We use both IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 and Power BI.  I have seen several questions on the forums asking how to connect PBI to TM1 cube data but the question I'm more interested in is the use cases for doing so.  Both have good reporting capabilities so I'm curious to hear from others what their experience has been and the advantages they have gained from using PBI to report on data from TM1 cubes. 





Thanks but the posts you cited are the same posts I referred to in my original post (where a lot of people are looking for guidance on the mechanics of connecting TM1 to PBI).  My question in not the "how to" but rather what advantages are gained from using PBI to report on TM1 data that is not available in IBM's Planning Analytics Workspace reporting capabilities.  In other words, what is the use case for using PBI against TM1 data...




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