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Update values in table which are based on a measure

My table contains two columns; one is static text field, and the other column has values based on a calculated measure. If the value of the measure changes, the table does not update and hence the column chart does not update. 

What is a workaround of this? 

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @sachal_rana,

    Please check this:

  • Column: table only load 1 time when Opening or Load data.
  • Measure: refresh when interaction (Clicer, click to forcus visualization,...)

   You can using a "New measure" instead of "New column". Send me your sample pbix file, I can fix on it and resend 🙂




Solution Sage
Solution Sage



A measure changes in response to front-end changes to the table (by slicing, cross-filtering, etc.). How would you change the value of a measure directly?

The value of the measure is being changed indirectly through a what-if measure. The measure is currently based off of a count which changes based on another measure that is being calculated using a what-if measure. 

Hi @sachal_rana


Is it possible to share some sample data, measures and the outcome expected. Please put in google drive or one drive and share the link to explore solution.





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I can share some screenshots over here. I cannot share the data itself. If this is not enough, let me know and I'll find a way to send you the stuff.


Changing the slider value updates the encircled scorecards. The scorecards are shown in the table and the column chart is based off of the scorecards.

The formula for filling the table.

Basically I want to show the custom ranges on the x-axis and the value in the scorecard on the y-axis. The values are based on a custom measure which updates based on the slider value.

Hi @sachal_rana,

So, you want your Bar visualization, column "Value" will update the data same with Line 2 - Score card

Exp: 50-60% will change 1016 to 1091   ; 60-70% will change 841 to 1085 ; and go on.....until 90-100%? But it's seem nothing else matter?


Hope you can share me your pbix in private box with missing some important data.




Yes. The scorecard value is supposed to be shown on the column chart in the way it is shown. A simple chart from the scorecards would look something like this.

This updates the value as scorecard value changes, but it is not something I want. 

Hi @sachal_rana,

   You make me confuse. Your first issue about "column don't change when using slicer" already solve by yourself, aren't you?

  • If yes, please update your own answer with the right fomular (using what-if,...) and choose solution. Then open a new issue for your next problem, and tag my nickname in new topic please.
  • If no, please description more the result expect. I just found your need at this moments: "Basically I want to show the custom ranges on the x-axis and the value in the scorecard on the y-axis. The values are based on a custom measure which updates based on the slider value."




Sir, I think you're not getting my problem. I know that there is a limitation of PowerBI currently that calculated columns are not updated when the values of the measures change based on the slicer. 

What I want to achieve is that I want this graph to update based on the scorecard values which change based on the slicer. How can I achieve that; that is the question. 

Check out the video. This might clear it up for you. 

Hi @sachal_rana,

   Please try this:

  1. Copy "Value column" fomular, and delete this column.
  2. Create "New Measure", paste old formular in.
  3. Use new measure for your bar chart, ,try again.

By the way, please show me the fomular of each Measure1, I wonder what happen when selected age inside it. Maybe we'll using SELECTEDVALUE.






I can't use the formula as a measure since it's referring to the TrainingZone column which is not allowed inside a measure. 


Formula for  CountZone1 = CALCULATE(COUNT(tbl_Ronzio_HR[HR]),FILTER(tbl_Ronzio_HR,tbl_Ronzio_HR[HR]>=[Zone1_50%] && tbl_Ronzio_HR[HR] <= [Zone1_59%]))


Formula for Zone1_59% = ROUND((([MaximumHeartRate] - [AverageRHR])*0.59) + [AverageRHR],0)


Formula for MaximumHeartRate = 220 - Age where Age is being selected from Slicer.

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