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d_jorgensen Visitor

Unit Revenue with Goal



I am working on a Revenue Dashbaord, and have run into a Brick Wall. I am trying to display Total Revenue and Goal Revenue by individual Units (In this case specific trucks). The problem is there are different Goal's depending on location, and I need my date slicer to impact the results.


I have calculated the Measures that will return the correct Goal value for each of the locations, however when I attempt to pull this data into a single column, everything goes horribly horribly wrong.


I believe the largest problem is that, since I need to be able to have my calculations adjusted by the filter I am unable to use a calculated column, however the location data for each unit is stored by row.


How do I return a measure depending on a value in a row, or is there another direction to attack this problem from?




In the example above, the Projected Revenue would return the $12,427.40 or the $13,847.67 depending on the location of the unit.



Thank you for any help!

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Re: Unit Revenue with Goal

Hey @d_jorgensen


You're right that you probably don't want a calculated column. Could you post a snippet of your data so we can try to help you out with your measure?