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Unable to filter data(measures used Summarize and SUMX) correctly with RLS(Row-Level-Security)

Hi Team,


I have a report that has aggregation logic for below market & above market level.

below market level aggregation is on the product level where as above market level agregation is on the Market level.

For above Market aggregation:

if Market 1 has sales £100 & Market 2 sales £200, when we see the total sales for the both market 1 & market2 it should be £300. It's working as expected when we use the report slicers but when testing the RLS it's populating as blank.

Ex: Market    Error_value   Total_Sales_AbvMarket    Accuracy(%)

     Canada    50                 100                                   1-(50/100) i.e 50%

      USA        150                200                                  1-(150/200) i.e 25%

Total :           200                300                                  1-(200/300) i.e 33.3%


Please see the ref formula used to calculate the Total Sales_Above Market:

Total Sales : Value_AboveMkt =
"Total Sales:",
[Total Sales: VALUE]
[Total Sales:]


Result occured: When trying to test the RLS with user have access to same markets as above (USA & Canada), KPI Accuracy (%) is populating as Infinity as Total Sales_Abvmarket is populating blank(capped to 0).


Market    Error_value   Total_Sales_AbvMarket    Accuracy(%)

     Canada    50                 100                                   1-(50/100) i.e 50%

      USA        150                200                                  1-(150/200) i.e 25%

Total :           200                blank                                infinity


I wasn't sure why the issue occured when testing with RLS, but when I referred to few blogs it says Summarize doesn't work when using RLS(I may be wrong)


Can anyone help me if the above calculation I have used is causing the issue?

if it's, please provide me the solution possibly.







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Super User

@Vardhan918 not sure why you are doing sumx/summarize, why the simple sum is not used. There may be a reason for it but I cannot tell until seeing the sample data.

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Hi @parry2k ,


The reason that using the Sumx is we calculate the Total Sales for below market product level and it's the sum of Normal_sales & tender sales on the product level.

when it comes to above market level, we don't want it to be calculated at product we need it to be calculated at market level so for the above market level we are using the sum of indiviudal markets total sales that is already calculated on product level.


For example, let me put the scenario below.

for a market level the Accuacy (%) is 1-(Error value/Total Sales)

for above market level Accuracy (%) is mktsumof products/Total Sales.

here "MKTsumof products" if derived by multiplying the Total Sales with KPI accuracy(%) per market.

when we look at multiple markets it's the sum of it so I am using SUMX.

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