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Unable to change Slicer Search box size


For my PowerBI Desktop report, I am using a slicer for a landing page of my report.

Basically, a user enters the text and then gets a list of valid "radio" buttons to select from


For eg,

The slicer header would be "State of US"

The options would be a list containing the likes of Texas, New York, Washington, etc

The user searches for W and should get Wyoming and Washington as two options.


I am able to implement this functionality using Slicer and the search box.


The problem I am facing is the scaling of the actual search box.

(I do not have permissions to load images)


But, effectively, my header font is 30, my list items font is 30, but my search box font size is...8.

Often, the whole box gets sandwiched the word gets chopped off by the header text or the item text.


Is there a way I can change this or make this work?

I can work with code or with different components of PBI.
I am on PBI Desktop January 2020 edition.


Thank you




Any update on this issue ? The size of the search box is always small even if I increase the title or increase the whole slicer size.

Super User
Super User

You can consider creating your own custom visual.

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Could you guide me to where I can change the size of the Search Box within the custom visual code?


Super User
Super User

Don't make assumptions. Raise the idea on

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The idea is already on
It has 5 votes (including mine).


In the meanwhile, is there an alternate approach to what I wish to achieve?


Thank you and regards

Super User
Super User

Currently not possible. Raise an idea or use a custom slicer visual.

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Thank you for your prompt reply.


Is there an alternative approach to what I am trying to achieve?


It feels like a very common use case and I would expect Power BI to have such functionality

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