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jwhitf4770 Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Two Date Filters(slicers)

I have a table I created and it has two dates in it:   Created and Modified.


I have a single page of visuals.    I Know I can create two slicers for the dates but I would like the user to only have to change the date on one slicer.   Then Depending on the visual use either Created or Modified dates depending on visual.   


Any thoughts on best way to do this.   Can I hide a slicer B and base its values on Slicer A?


Thanks in Advance,


Arentir Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Two Date Filters(slicers)

Hi @jwhitf4770,


I would suggest to have a separate date table. You create two relationships to created and modified date.

Only one can be active. But you can then create measures that use the relationship of choice.

For example:






Hope this helps (and works ^^)