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Plantje Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Total next to year to date value

Cool! Thanks!


This does the trick! I think for the actual report I want to add every field that I want to group by in the same way as Table1[AccountNumber] is added here, right?


The only thing that I needed to change is that I should not use [Fiscal year] from the main query, but [Jaar] from the time dimension that I joined to.


Next to that I will also look into the "ALLEXCEPT" function. I did already play around with SUM combined with CALCULATE, but didn't find this.

quentin_vigne Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Total next to year to date value



Yes that's it !


Yes sorry, I've used fiscal year because your time table was not complete so I was not finding the same result as you did.


You're welcome


- Quentin