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Moderator WillT

Re: Too many values

Hi everyone. You're running into data point limits that exist to make sure performance isn't impacted. We're aware that there are problems with some sparse datasets, and are working to fix it. We plan to get to a point where you can load charts with many more datapoints, even millions in many cases. Stay tuned for updates in the new year where we'll start to ship improvements to this. Thanks for you patience!
joaod82 Visitor

Re: Too many values

Hi, WillT


Is there any advance in that topic? I tried to use the gantt chart today (august-2017) and I am getting the same message (too many values). What I think it's impressive is that my data is not too big... I have something around 25k registries only...

zenzei Visitor

Re: Too many values


I'm falling into this same problem too - and the big, big issue is that the data plotted is incorrect (incomplete). And it is way worse to plot incorrect data than no data at all...


In my case, it is a simple stacked graph. X-axis has about 20 categories, and legend has 85 values. Most of them only apply to one or two categories, and their size varies, so each category has about 4-5 significant legends and a bunch of less important ones. 


The graph renders, with the too many values warning... and renders wrong! What I am adding up is revenue, and quite some revenue is missing - the right-most categories don't show revenues!. That is a definite no-go.... it is increadibly wrong, and only a small warning sign is shown. That's a no-go for mass consumption of the reports....


It really is not important to have a big legends-entry (colors are only useful to differentiate categories, and hovering over them gives the category name, so that's ok). And grouping the categories to have less it not ideal, because it limites the usefulness of drilling down...


Please, PowerBI team, I hope you fix this soon! 



ronkochanowski Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Too many values

I'd like to chime in on this topic as well.  For me it doesn't appear to be an issue with a visual, but with the data itself.  I have a a one-to-many join between a DateDimension table and HeadCounts table, as well as a Contributions table.  DateDimension contains columns for FiscalYear:

FiscalYear = CONCATENATE("FY-", IF(MONTH(DateDimension[DateKey])<=8,VALUE(FORMAT(DateDimension[DateKey], "YYYY")),VALUE(FORMAT(DateDimension[DateKey],"YYYY"))+1))

And FiscalMonth:

FiscalMonth = 
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 1, "05-Jan",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 2, "06-Feb",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 3, "07-Mar",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 4, "08-Apr",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 5, "09-May",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 6, "10-Jun",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 7, "11-Jul",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 8, "12-Aug",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 9, "01-Sep",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 10, "02-Oct",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 11, "03-Nov",
    MONTH(DATEVALUE(DateDimension[DateKey])) = 12, "04-Dec")

At one point the error was indicating that PowerBI couldn't perform the function on varchar data types, so I added the DateValue function to the no avail.


2017-12-14_15-57-13.pngFiscal columns displaying blanks

Overall, there are over 800K records, but only approximately 1,000 that are not displaying the Fiscal info...the remaining rows display the info as desired.


Here's the error associated with the above table:



Any positive input towards a solution is greatly appreciated!


RichardL Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Re: Too many values

WillT wrote on 12-22-2015:  "We're aware that there are problems with some sparse datasets, and are working to fix it."


It is now July 25, 2018, more than three years later, and I'm still running into this "Too many values" limitation.  Please fix it.