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Timeline visual updates

We have been using the custom Timeline Visualization for about 2 or 3 months now and have not had any issues.  However, we noticed today that all of the settings have changed and we cannot change the default setting from month back to quarter.  Has anyone else experienced this issue?  Also, we didn't download the files again and when reviewing the visualization, it says it has not been updated since 12/4/15.  Any updates on this would be appreciated.



Frequent Visitor

I'm having the same issue with multiple dashboards. I've tried re-downloading the custom visual and updating it in my reports on power BI desktop, this has caused the issue to be replicated in desktop as well as in browser.


It would appear that the "Timeline" custom visual is broken.


Screenshot below shows the visual in power bi desktop. I've triple checked, there should be plenty of data for the date range selected but the timeline visual does not work.


I am having the same issue with specifically the timeline custom visual it doesn't change the interactions with other data presented in the report.  


Has anyone this post received any information on the fix?  

Christopher E. Ortega, MBA
Manager, FP&A

You've probably already tried this, or maybe this doesn't apply, but for what it's worth:

I updated to the current Timeline custom vis. Now, when I run into an 'older version' on a report, I have to re-import Timeline (it has an update message), then often have to delete and recreate the vis in my report. Then, and this is key, I have to set the new Timeline vis to use the "date heirarchy", not just the date. The old version of Timeline didn't work with the heirarchy, but the curernt one requires the heirarchy. At least for me anyway. Good luck!

Advocate I
Advocate I

I have experienced the same issue when I try to click on a date it no longer filters the other data elements in the dashboard.  It shows the full data set and no longer having the abiliyt to filter.  

Christopher E. Ortega, MBA
Manager, FP&A

same problem, i have 4 dashboards that are not operating properly because of this problem


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