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Timeline slicer, Calculate value between two dates + nulls

So I am trying to get enrolled students between 2 dates and a null using the Timeline slicer and I am having a bit of trouble.


So here is my table, that I have joined on a calender to Startdate.,


What I need to do is when the timeline slicer is between start and graddate  it adds +1 count or even sum +1


If  a student has a startdate and grad date = null then it should also add a +1 when timeslice is >= startdate.


Here is a view of my relationships.


I have created a new start table, grad and enrolled all linked to the Calander.









What is the +1 count and +1 sum? Could you post some sample data and expected output?

Yea no problem, so I need to use the timeline slicer as the date range to count which students were enrolled at the time.


So if I have a start date but no grad date as in Grad date = null then he is enrolled from Startdate to Current Date and is +1 to the count during that time frame when selected on the timeline slicer. 


If they have a grad date then I need the timeline slicer to be from startdate  to grad date = +1 to the count for enrolled.


Since its only +1 I figured a sum or count would end with the same results.


Maybe using +1 is wrong but really jsut count students that fall between dates when using timeline slicer either Start to Curdate() when grad = null and start to graddate. 







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