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Advocate II
Advocate II

Re: Thousand Separator and Decimal Separator

Here's a dilemma.


Locale settings in Power BI Desktop is in my local language where we have "." for thousand seperator and "," for decimals.


The default setting in Google Chrome is English which means that when I publish reports to the web, locals will see commas where there should be dots and vice versa. 


If I change the language settings in Chrome to my local language as first language, it works fine.

However I shouldn't have to change the settings. The published report should simply use the locale settings from Power BI Desktop


Does anyone have any work-around for this that doesn't require any changes to the browsers in use ?

Advocate III
Advocate III

Re: Thousand Separator and Decimal Separator

Hi guys, is this problem again appearing on the new update of Power BI (August 2019)?

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