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carlbh Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Text from sharepoint being corrupted

A colleague of mine is using a sharepoint source to improt data into PBI desktop and then up to Service. He has discovered an issue where text in a sharepoint field is being changed when it appears in PBI. Importing same data into Excel by the way works fine.

The text tring in question is for example:

16/03/18 AC: Not formally engaged.

What appears in PBI is:

16/03/18 AC&#58: Not formally engaged.


Any where PBI sees AC: it seems to return AC&#58:


any clues?


Super User
Super User

Re: Text from sharepoint being corrupted

Corrupted, that's pretty funny. Smiley Happy You and your friend must be less than 40 years old I am assuming. That's an HTML code for colon ( : ). 58 is the ASCII decimal code for a colon ( : ).


Note that you could probably fix that by changing the SharePoint field to be plain text instead of HTML. I'm guessing it is HTML right now given what you are seeing. I'll have to see if I can play around with it and replicate this with a SharePoint list.

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carlbh Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Text from sharepoint being corrupted

Many thanks. I wish I was under 40!!! Long way past that. However neither of us are techies or coders, so never really dealt in this area. We just crunch the data that comes off the systems.

For now I guess we just avoid putting colons in the text fields and try a different text string combination, if we cant get the sharepoint field changed from HTML.