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Helper I

Tag customer order based on if order is within 12 months of last order (or after)



So I have dataset of orderdata that have manipulated a bit. I have defined customers depending of if they are new or existing.


New = First order

Existing = not first order


However, I would like to break up orders from Existing customers into Active / Reactivated.


Active = Order is within 12months of last/latest order

Reactived = Order is more than 12 months since last/latest order


Basically, in the Power Query I would like to be able to say "if order is within 12months of last order then 'Active' "


Can't figure out how to do it! Dataset looks like this:





Any ideas?




Solution Sage
Solution Sage

If I was to break your problem down there are 3 steps:
1. Find out if the customer is new or returning

2. If they are returning, then what is their previous order date?
3. Is that order in the last 12 months?


This site here gives you the formula to get the days since their previous purchase. You can use that and wrap it in an IF( ) condition to get your active or inactive customer tag.

Thanks for replying @vicky_ !



However, I was a bit unclear on the part that makes this tricky. I want to be able to do YoY comparisions


The methodology in the link will not support YoY comparision (as LASTDATE will basically do exactly that..). 


So I need to be able to say, for each order, "what was the date of the previous order for this customer? If more than 12 months has passed, then 'Reactivated' " and so on



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