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charitydatasol Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Table Field Icons in the model screen

Hi all 

I am new to PBI and working my way thourgh the sample files. Currently checking the sample file supplier quality which i got from this link.


When you open the desktop PBIX file you will see Metric table under which few fields are listed. I understand different calculations has different field icons

calculator is Measure,

FX is calcualted column and

Table icon is Calcualted Table. 


But in this metric table there is one named Total Defect Qty with traffic light underwhich there are more columns. what type of calcualtion is this ? I can see the dax for Value field but not Goal and Status? How  can i replicate this ?


Many thanks in advance


 PBI Trafficlight.PNG


BeemsC Member

Re: Table Field Icons in the model screen

Pretty sure that's a hierarchy Smiley Happy

More info on them here:
Power BI Hierarchy

Have fun learning Smiley Happy

charitydatasol Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Table Field Icons in the model screen

Thanks for your quick reply. Much Appreciated. 


I don think it is a hierarchy. the icon for hierarchy is different and it doesn't make any sense to have it on Numeric field which is summarized.


If you have a look at the file here , you will understand why i say that.


Many thanks 

bsas Member

Re: Table Field Icons in the model screen

Hi @charitydatasol,


Per my understanding this is additional visual created by someone, so to use it you need to download it and use in your model.


I found this topic about such visual:


Hope it will help you.

enricsegura Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Table Field Icons in the model screen



I had just the same doubt, but digging through the IT Spend Analysis Sample PBIX file which can be downloaded from here.


In this case, you can find that traffic light icon in the fact table for the field "Actual/Plan":


traffic lights.jpg




















It has three "child" fields within itself: Value, Goal and Status. None of them are measures or fields that can be found in the Fact table.


It is used in the page "Spend By Cost Elements", on the top left matrix, and Status is used to show a green, yellow or red spot depending on the relationship between the amount spent and the goal.


After messing around with almost every menu option on sight, not finding anything that was defining that particular part of the matrix, the fields, etc. within Power BI, i recalled that an excel file with a powerpivot data model and powerview tabs can be imported directly to power BI and converted to a pbix file.


I went to check the excel counterpart for "IT Spend Analysis Sample" and there it was:




Going to the powerpivot tab, expanding the KPI menu and selecting manage KPI, i was able to see where those fields i was seeing in powerBI (most probably) had been defined:




I hope this helps someone else with a similar doubt.



There might be other ways within power BI to deal with this, but honestly i wasn't able to find it!