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Synchronizing the secondary y-axis with the primary axis

I created a Bar+Line graph with the bar on the primary axis and the line on the secondary axis. 


I am displaying the actual metric on the primary y-axis and the forecasted metric on the secondary y-axis. How can I force the secondary axis to be synchronized with the primary?


My issue is that when I drill down into a dimension, the actual performance might show a value like 10, but then the forecasted line graph might be at 15 but it would display lower than the actual value. The cause of this is that the secondary y-axis is scaled differently so it throws out any intuition of actual vs forecast that you would get from glancing at the chart.

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Hey, since there is no proper solution, here is a workaround:

Drag a copy of Your “Actual metric” (the one you're showing on columns) to line values as well and use Formetting pane "Customize series" option to make it as invisible as possible not to distract. You need also have "Allign zeroes" turned on, and start and end values for axis left blank/auto.


I hope I helped 🙂

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Continued Contributor


Also, I need the y-axis to be exactly synchronized.


@uzzysan this workarount works well, but only in cases when line values are smaller then collumns values (in this case is possible add column values also to line part and hide it). But in case when line values are greater or greater/smaller than columns values, I need add line value to collumns part (and it make axis synchronized), but is not possible to hide this collumn (or I don't know how).


After this workaround it`s look:



  But I need hide third (orange) column, which is used only for this workaround). Basically I need show three values: New (as collumn), Finished (as collumn) and Pending (as line) in same y-axis scale.

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Nothing better than changing the bar colour to the same as background colour is coming to my mind now.

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Sorry to revive a dead thread but I have the same problem.  Does anyone know if this functionality has been implemented since this thread was posted or is it still impossible?  This seems like a pretty common thing people would want to do.

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Resident Rockstar

go to format option , under  Y-Axis  u could find "Show secondary axis"  option . turn off that one it will help u 

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Hi, thanks but I want to have a secondary axis.


My primary axis already has three components of the metric (stacked bar chart) and then the secondary axis is a line graph showing the forecasted metric. The delta between the actual performance and forecasted performance should be apparent at a glance, but it isn't when the y-scales are different.

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Resident Rockstar

This is u want it ? am i right dude .






let me if not .

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Negative. I need the y-axis to be exactly synchronized.


Primary y-axis = stacked bar chart showing the components of a metric (the three components sum up into a total), measured in minutes

Secondary y-axis = line graph showing the estimated/forecasted/predicted total for the same metric, measured in minutes


So if the primary y-axis goes from 0 - 25 minutes, I need the secondary axis to be in sync and also show 0 - 25. If I drill down into a specific dimension and the primary axis now goes from 0 - 5 minutes, I need the secondary y-axis to also go from 0 - 5.



Hi ,

Now its possible in line and clustered column chart,In formatting pane <-- Y-axis <-- put a range i.e start and end value in primary Y-axis(Optional) <-- switch off the secondary axis,its done primary and secondary Y-axis has been synchronised...



Drop a comment if it works in your case...


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Resident Rockstar

cool dude i got it , got it .



for this my solution is obviously we cant do this. 

we can set static start and end point for both ,but that make no sense that i know .


sorry dude , i cant help u . even power BI also can't help i think so :-(((((((((((((((

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