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JeroenLucas Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Synch Filter removed with bookmarks

Hi all,


For a report I've created I want to use synched filters where on the first page the customer can choose a specific domain. I want for the rest of the report that all my bookmarks will be updated only for that specific domain. However, whenever I use one of my bookmarks this filter is being removed. The bookmark contain specific business unit filters which I want to reflect to just the domain the customer has chosen in the first page. 


Anyone has any solutions for this?


Kind regards,


natelpeterson Senior Member
Senior Member

Re: Synch Filter removed with bookmarks

@JeroenLucas  - 

If you have the following selected, the data will be preserved and reset to the point at which the bookmark was created. It sounds like you may want to turn it off, which would result in no data selections being preserved in the bookmark.

Bookmark Data.PNG

Hope This Helps,



JeroenLucas Frequent Visitor
Frequent Visitor

Re: Synch Filter removed with bookmarks

Hi @natelpeterson ,


This on first sight looks like the solution however this won't cover the problem unfortunately. 


if I use this fuction all my bookmarks after the first navigation will no longer work.


So basically. I have a domain filter on the first pane. With a bookmark (button) go to the report where multiple bookmarks for different business units within that domain. So if I have the data enabled or disabled both the bookmarks will reset the first filter since i was NOT included when I updated the bookmark. So it resets.. There's no dynamic way to update these bookmarks.. so i'm a bit lost..