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Summarizing columns from three different date ranges(Please let me know if this the correct approah)

I have created a report that would filter based on three date ranges as below




DateFilterRange = IF(MAX(vw_patientListNew[StatusDate]) in UNION(VALUES(DateRange1[Date]),VALUES(DateRange2[Date]),VALUES(DateRange3[Date])),1)





Now i want to summarize it like the table below

Interventional TX236512
Interventional Non TX13419




TimeFrameDateRangeCol1 = 
IF(MAX(vw_patientListNew[StatusDate]) in VALUES(DateRange1[Date]),1)
TimeFrameDateRangeCol2 = 
IF(MAX(vw_patientListNew[StatusDate]) in VALUES(DateRang2[Date]),1)
TimeFrameDateRangeCol3 = 
IF(MAX(vw_patientListNew[StatusDate]) in VALUES(DateRange3[Date]),1)



TimeFrameDateRangeCol1, TimeFrameDateRangeCol2, TimeFrameDateRangeCol3  are calculation column and should return 1 when the statusdate intersect the respective filter. As you can see i am not able to achieve with the Daxcode.


Once i get the values for the each collumn TimeFrameDateRangeCol1, TimeFrameDateRangeCol2, TimeFrameDateRangeCol3 i can summarize TimeFrameDateRangeCol1, TimeFrameDateRangeCol2, TimeFrameDateRangeCol3 to create a summary table.


Is there another solution to this? 


Super User IV
Super User IV

@Anonymous , three slicers should be coming from three date tables or three-column. You might have ignore the other when one is working.


refer to this example for two date ranges

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@Anonymous not sure how tables are connected like slicers are from disconnected tables, you have to add your calculation as measures, not columns


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@amitchandak  Yes the slicers are coming from three different date tables, exactly as you mention in the article link.

 As you can see above the slicer data is coming from three different tables.


Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Hi @Anonymous,


Are you able to provide some sample data and what the expected outcome would be. One thing to note is that calcuated columns do not evaluate in the context of any filters or slicers applied to the report, they are calcluated when the model is processed, the values are then locked in place. Measures on the other hand are evaluated when the model is queried by the report.


Hope that makes sense

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These are the tables from where slicer data is coming. 

I have added the calculation measure and i cannot summarize the data. I can only summarize the data with a column.

My goal here is to create a summarized table as shown in my post.


Hi @Anonymous,


If you can provide the .pbix file I am pretty sure that @parry2k , @amitchandak  or myself can help you with the measure you are looking for.





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The site doesn't let me upload file.



7/21/1989 0:00Interventional TX
1/8/1990 0:00Interventional TX
4/30/1990 0:00Interventional TX
11/3/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
11/6/2006 0:00Interventional TX
11/8/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
11/9/2006 0:00Interventional TX
11/13/2006 0:00Interventional TX
11/14/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
11/14/2006 0:00Interventional TX
11/15/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
11/16/2006 0:00Interventional TX
11/17/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
11/20/2006 0:00Interventional TX
11/22/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
11/22/2006 0:00Interventional TX
11/27/2006 0:00Interventional TX
11/28/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
11/28/2006 0:00Interventional TX
11/30/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
11/30/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/1/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
12/1/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/4/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/5/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/6/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/7/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/11/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
12/11/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/12/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
12/12/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/13/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
12/14/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/15/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
12/18/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
12/19/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
12/19/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/20/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
12/20/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/21/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
12/21/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/22/2006 0:00Interventional Non TX
12/27/2006 0:00Interventional TX
12/28/2006 0:00Interventional TX
1/2/2007 0:00Interventional Non TX
1/4/2007 0:00Interventional TX
1/5/2007 0:00Interventional Non TX
2/24/2020 0:00Interventional Non TX
2/24/2020 0:00Interventional TX
2/25/2020 0:00Interventional Non TX
2/25/2020 0:00Interventional TX
2/26/2020 0:00Interventional Non TX
2/26/2020 0:00Interventional TX
2/27/2020 0:00Interventional Non TX
2/27/2020 0:00Interventional TX
2/28/2020 0:00Interventional Non TX
2/28/2020 0:00Interventional TX
3/1/2020 0:00Interventional Non TX


Desired Results :

 Slicer1(1/1/1989 - 7/26/1990)Slicer2(11/3/2006 - 1/5/2007)Slicer3(2/24/2020-3/1/2020)
Interventional TX3245
Interventional Non TX0206


I have three slicers: 


Hi @Anonymous 


Please have a look at the .pbix file created.




I contains 4 measures:


Slicer 1 Value = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Table'), 'Table'[StatusDate] in VALUES('slicer 1'[Date]))
Slicer 2 Value = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Table'), 'Table'[StatusDate] in VALUES('slicer 2'[Date]))
Slicer 3 Value = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Table'), 'Table'[StatusDate] in VALUES('slicer 3'[Date]))
Total Slicer Value Selection = [Slicer 1 Value] + [Slicer 2 Value] + [Slicer 3 Value]


which evaluate to the values you are looking for




Hope this helps


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@richbenmintz Yes this the result I was expecting but when I click on the slicer 2 value and "Interventional Non TX" which has 7 counts should only display 7 but display the entire row count 13. Is there a way to display only 7 in detail report? should I use a matrix ? please suggest




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