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Summarize table not filtering properly when date slicer is used

Hello Community  - I have created a table using Summarize with the objective of having a distinct table that summarizes the "count" of returned items.    In other words, I wanted to know how many instances of item "xyz" or "abc" there are.   Or put another way, how many times does item "xyz" show up as a returned item.    I then used the Group feature to create different bins based on those values.    The idea being that items that show up as a return more than 50 times would show up in that bin (see below), items that show up 26 to 50 times would show up in that bin, etc.  


That visual essentially works together with the other visual to its left.    So, if I filter on the 26 to 50 bin, it will then highlight those items that are associated.   In other words, all of the items that show up as return item between 26 and 50 times.  


The problem occurs when I use the date filter.   If I adjust the date filter at all, the visual on the left no longer returns correct values.    I had thought since there is a relationship between the tables that the newly created table would adjust accordingly based on whatever date values where selected...but its not.   It only works correctly when the date table is not filtered at all.  


Below are the relevant ingredients to my problem.   Any help is greatly appreciated!




Table = SUMMARIZE(RMAItems_Query,RMAItems_Query[RMA Item To Return],"Frequency",COUNT(RMAItems_Query[RMA Item To Return]))


Date filter expanded to all dates, no filter applied.  




Date filter expaned to all dates, filter applied on 26 to 50: 




Date filter adjusted, and you can see now that the visual on the left is not filtering properly: 





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