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Sum to higher level in hierarchy - unexpected results


I had to port a solution from SSAS multidimensional to PowerBI. Unfortunately, it involves many to many relations and parent-child hierarchies:).


I don't get correct sum for the higher level for a measure (first clumn in example below), which shows only positive amounts.


First column - actually a measure is calculated from second column (also a measure) :  IF ([ZnesekIzkazPredznakSum] > 0;[ZnesekIzkazPredznakSum];BLANK())
On the leaf level things are ok, but on the parent level, the negative value is included.

Any ideas?

I can also post the Power BI file.


Cheers, Janez





Community Champion
Community Champion


What you've writen can actually work but as a new COLUMN and if it references the column

New Column (Only > 0) = IF ('Table'[Column] > 0, 'Table '[Column], BLANK() )

To make it work as a MEASURE you need to filter out those numbers from the calculation like this...

SUM Only > 0 MEASURE =
CALCULATE ( SUM ( 'Table'[Column] ), FILTER ( 'Table', 'Table'[Column] > 0 ) )

Your measure first performs the sum and then looks at the context!

That's why it works only on the lowest level!

When it moves to the higher level - first it sums all the numbers at that level - and then checks if >0


Hope this helps! Smiley Happy

Thanks for reply, I'm new to tabular and DAX,please bear with me 🙂

In my case I have added a series of measures, because ob M2M relationship and attributes in the intermediate table which affect calculation in fact table.  So I came to final calculation by steps.  But only at the final step I want to check for negative amounts.  Using your proposed solution would filter underlying negative rows ...

I tried to convert this last measure (before checking for negative) to column, but I get an out of memory error. 

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