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Submitting parameters to Power BI Service

I have setup a golden dataset according to the blog This makes it easier to reuse the data in different models and without overloading the data warehouse.

However, there are some reports that I am building that are looking similarily, but with some modifications (different target values etc.). To make it as easy as possible and to reuse the code, I then created a measures table that was based on parameters. The idea was that when I create a "new" version of the original report (with new targets etc.), I could just pass on new parameters and the report would be adjusted. But I don't see any way of doing this when I have a report based on data from a power BI service (the golden dataset). Is there some way this can be achieved anyway? 




Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Submitting parameters to Power BI Service

Hi @StefanEkstrom

When you connect dataset via Get Data>Power BI service, you actually use live connection mode, in this case, the function of ‘Editor Query’ is disabled, thus we couldn’t create parameters and use them in the measures.

You may submit an idea here.


Best Regards