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alextdarling Visitor

Stop Running Total Count on a Line chart with no data

Hey All,


First post here, haven't been able to fine dmy answer so hopefully this will help someone other than myself!


Basically I have a year on year comparison line chart, functioning from a running total calculation using count.

the issue is, is after a certain month, the data trails on for the rest of the year even though there is no data.

I understand why its doing it because the last calculation is being kept on for the other months.


For July I'd like it to just stop for 2018, but then when it comes to updating the data with August, it automatically needs to be accepted and extended.


Here is the Graph:




Here is the DAX:


Count of Issue ID running total in Month =
COUNTA('Data Services - Resolved Issues'[Issue ID]),
'Data Services - Resolved Issues',
'Data Services - Resolved Issues'[Resolved].[MonthNo],
'Data Services - Resolved Issues'[Resolved].[Month]
ALLSELECTED('Data Services - Resolved Issues')
'Data Services - Resolved Issues'[Resolved].[MonthNo], MAX('Data Services - Resolved Issues'[Resolved].[MonthNo]), DESC,
'Data Services - Resolved Issues'[Resolved].[Month], MAX('Data Services - Resolved Issues'[Resolved].[Month]), DESC



Thanks for any help in advance!

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Stop Running Total Count on a Line chart with no data

Hi @alextdarling

As I tested, if the following month after 2018/8 has no value, the line won't extend till the end.

Does result of your formula (measure or calculated column?) has value after 2018/8?

If it has, to achieve your goal, you can use a IF function to let the result of your formula after 2018/8 be blank.


Best Regards