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newbie1231 Occasional Visitor
Occasional Visitor

Stacked Column Chart with Targets / Actuals / Percentage

Hi All,


could someone please help me to figure out how to rebuild the below (Excel stacked column chart) in Power BI?




The total (100%) would be the target value, for example 682 in the second column. Target was reached with 509 (actual) so 173 to go to reach the target. This means 75% of the target have been reached.


Hope this makes sense? I have the target and the actual values in two spreadsheets that have been added to PBI, relationship has been built already. 


However, the standard stacked column chart in PBI just adds up, it shows 509 actual and 682 target so the whole column shows as 509+682 = 1191. I need the 509 to show as part of the 682 target, incl. % reached. So basically exactly what I get in Excel and what's shown in the pic attached.


Hope it's not a stupid question, I'm really new to this..


Appreciate your help!!



Super User
Super User

Re: Stacked Column Chart with Targets / Actuals / Percentage

You could make a measure shortoftarget = target-actual and use that in your visual rather than the target?

adi9594 New Member
New Member

Re: Stacked Column Chart with Targets / Actuals / Percentage

Im facing a similar issue, even if i try putting in a measure the value tends to go below 0 instead of going above 100 is there any way in which I can deal with this issue