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comish4lif Regular Visitor
Regular Visitor

Stacked Column Chart, Fit to Width?

Is there a way (that I haven't found), to force a Stacked Column Chart (or many other charts as well) to fit the size of the vizualization?


That is, if I have 8 columns, they will fit in the visualiztion. If my data set has 100 columns (for example), the chart runs wider than the visualization  and adds a slider to the bottom. 



Is there a way for force Power BI to fit all Columns in the visualization?

Moderator v-caliao-msft

Re: Stacked Column Chart, Fit to Width?



Based on my research, there is no such a functionally to achieve this requrirement in current version of Power BI. If you have any concern on this feature, you can submit your idea on the link below. If this feature was mentioned by mulitple users, product team will consider to add this feature to next release.

Thank you for your understanding.


Charlie Liao