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Splitting Column by delimiter

Hello Community - 


I am looking to split one of my columns by a delimiter (comma), however, some of the text strings use a comma for grammatical purposes.  Is there a way to split a column by comma that is followed by a space and capital letter?  See small sample of data below:


Current Data:

First-Aid Provided On Site?Body Part(s)
YesHand(s), (not wrist, fingers, thumb)
YesLower Extremities-Foot, Lower Extremities-Lower Leg, Lower Extremities-Upper Leg
YesBody Systems & Multiple Body Systems
YesUpper Extremities-Hand, Upper Extremities-Thumb, Upper Extremities-Wrist


What I need to see once the column is split:

First-Aid Provided On Site?Body Part(s).1Body Part(s).2Body Part(s).3
YesHand(s), (not wrist, fingers, thumb)  
YesLower Extremities-Foot Lower Extremities-Lower Leg Lower Extremities-Upper Leg
YesBody Systems & Multiple Body Systems  
YesUpper Extremities-Hand Upper Extremities-Thumb Upper Extremities-Wrist


Is there anyway to acheive this in Power Query so we can properly split the column by the correct comma delimiter?


Thank You Community!

Ryan F

Super User
Super User

@ryan_b_fiting , you have split the column by delimiters, But that is going to create 2 columns for first one , So you might have to remove the comma in first one based on some logic


Split Column Power Query:

@amitchandak thanks for the reply, but this does not provide any value for my issue unfortunatley.  I am fully aware of how to split columns by a delimiter, but I am looking for a more advanced solution that will allow be to properly split based on my original post.


Thanks again.

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