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Sort by column not working


I created a sort column for my dataset and sort the data with that column. However, my date axis in my visual is still not sorted. Some help please? Thank you. 


I will also enclose my PBIX file here:


Sort Column.png

erroreous x axis.png



exactly the same thing happens to me, I have tried everything they indicate but it still does not change the order in the graph.

In 'data' it is sorted by the column idmes:


But then the graph is sorted from lowest to highest (and the most recent is left at the end:


Also when I hit the 3 points of the visual object, sorting does not allow me to select the idmes (I have it in columns).


It just lets me sort by the fields that are in rows and Values (which start with p and C):


Would anyone know how to help me? why doesn't you allow me to order by month?

Thank you very much!


I downloaded your file and got it working from your existing Sort column.  In Data View, highlight/select the Month & Year column, then on the ribbon choose Sort By Column and choose the Sort column.  Then, if needed, hit the ellipsis on the visual and choose to sort it by Month & Year and Ascending.





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Hi Pat! 


I did what you instructed and I still see the following. Any idea where else went wrong? 


Sort Attempt.png

Still cannot .png

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @fanhui3 

I downloaded your sample pbix file and got the following solution:


  1.  Select your column Sort and change the data type to whole number.
  2. In data view select your column Month & Year > tab Column tools > Sort by column > choose Sort.

The sort order of the chart axis changes immediatly.


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FrankAT (Proud to be a Datanaut)

HI @FrankAT 



At this point, I am starting to think there are problem with my software instead of the solutions. 

Sorted by sort.png

Sort Attempt.png

Still cannot .png

Oh yea, I would like to add. The problem only persist in scattered graph. Weird. 

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