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Sort by column affects filter context

Hi all,


We bumbed into a following issue few weeks back: when you use column that has mofied sort order both the original column and the sorting column affects the filter context.


Simple example to illustrate:

I'm calculating the number of rows (days) in Calendar-table by month. When 'Calendar'[Month] is not sorted, #All calendar rows -measure gives the expected result (all rows in a table). But when 'Calendar'[Month] is sorted by 'Calendar'[MonthNumber] both columns affect the filter context.


Therefore when [Month] -column is sorted I need to use #All calendar rows_monthnumber -measure to get all the rows in the table.



#Calendar rows = COUNTROWS('Calendar')

#All calendar rows = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Calendar'), ALL('Calendar'[Month]))

#All calendar rows_monthnumber = CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('Calendar'), ALL('Calendar'[Month], 'Calendar'[Month Number]))


When [Month] is not sorted:

Sorted by month number.PNG


When [month] is sorted by [MonthNumber]:

Sorted by month number2.PNG















I'm not sure to treat this as a bug or a feature. I haven't seen any documentation about this kind of behaviour and it came across as a surprise. Any thoughts on this?

Resolver IV
Resolver IV

hi, @Anonymous


look well
With the FEB / 2018 version some strange behavior appeared.
I believe Microsoft should send a fix for this the other items.


Best Regards,

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This issue was present already for earlier versions of PBI Desktop.

Hi BI for the people


Is this still happening for you? Have you found another way around it?


I think I am getting the same thing, when I add a sort column then my stacked area chart which calculates a % of sales for a particular category only uses the first item in the sort when I calculate sales/allselected(sales) which is resulting in stacked area chart with only the first selected item at 100%.


Any ideas would be great!

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